Do You Qualify For An Obamacare Tax Credit?


21). Rather than invest in these start-ups and take a 3 to 10 percent stake, Graham said the funding will be a “charitable donation.” “We had a hypothesis that many newly founded non-profits could benefit from the same techniques we use to help start-ups,” he wrote on Y Combinator’s site. “We tested this with Watsi in the Winter 2013 batch and it worked wonderfully.” The program kicks off in Mountain View, California and lasts from January through March. Once a start-up is accepted, Y Combinator will donate $11,000, plus $3,000 times the number of founders. Non-profits will go through the motions like any other for-profit and be required to present during Demo Day 2014.
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Because you and your employees haven’t yet been able to evaluate plan options available through the SHOP Exchange, you purchase ACA-qualifying coverage for your employees through a private broker instead. As long as you get coverage through the SHOP exchange when your plan renews on October 1, 2014, you would be eligible for the tax credit in both 2014 and 2015. The amount of the tax credit varies based on the size of your workforce and wages. Only businesses with fewer than 10 full-time-equivalent employees and average annual wages below $25,000 would qualify for the full 50 percent credit. Larger companies with higher average wages must use a (slightly complicated) formula to determine what size credit they qualify for. Eileen Elliott, an attorney specializing in health care issues at the Burlington, Vermont-based law firm Dunkiel Saunders is advising business owners not to be discouraged by the potential paperwork: “For those employers that think they could be eligible for this, go talk to your accountant to figure it out, because it’s worth real money,” she says. And maybe a lot more than you realize. The two-consecutive-year limit on the tax credit only applies to coverage for 2014 and beyond.
This article has been curated from Do You Qualify For An Obamacare Tax Credit?


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